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Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Washington scandal volcano is rumbling

In D.C., when the gods are angered, the P.R. volcano needs human sacrifices, but it will not get President Trump.

As the Drudge Report featured, it could have been considered a "Hell Day" for the president when Paul Manafort got his split decision while blaring headlines concurrently reported that a now proven doofus lawyer had pleaded out to legitimate crimes and one count of a non-crime. The P.R. timing of the criminal plea, on the day the Manafort verdict was reached, was a tactical and strategic move designed to really hurt the president.

However, as the singer Peggy Lee smoothly crooned, is that all there is?

It is commendable that the president doesn't drink, but his opponents do, perhaps now early and often.

I am old enough to recognize an inoperable "modified limited hangout" from the Nixon presidency:



Anonymous said...

President Trump is and will continue to be the victor.

lmclain said...

Mueller's whole game has NEVER been to find any Russian collusion. He's been looking hard, like a crackhead looking for a rock in the carpet, desperate to find SOMETHING, to get to Trump for some kind, ANY kind, of criminal involvement. Even if it was an unpaid ticket from the 70's. ANYTHING.
Almost 2 years and they are down to looking in the safe at the.....wait for it.....National Enquirer? THAT is all they got??
Shame on them.
Too bad they didn't put as much effort into obama's background, huh?
Holy crap is the media totally, all-out and all-in on putting the hammer down on Trump. A porn star and a whack Representative are their weapons?
A shamed loser, resentful of not having her place in history and rejected by the voters (except in crazy California), STILL lectures the nation on her higher morality and our disgusting American nationalism??
Their platform and their speakers need some issues other than "they are terrible people!! Stupid, racist terrible people. And we aren't. Vote for us!!.
Well, they DO have "get rid of I.C.E." and "let EVERYONE come to the USA", so I guess they got something. Oh yeah, and let those people VOTE (!).
I meant something REAL and grounded in reality.
Keep cheering.