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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Rahm Emanuel poses with a youth flashing a gang sign

Let's chalk this up to reckless pandering. Chicago voters go to the polls next February, and Rahm Emanuel is so panicked that he's a little too eager to pose with a potential black voter. A gentleman who identifies himself on Facebook as HobMob Taydoe has posted a picture of Rahm doing constituent outreach with him. The only problem is that Mr. Taydoe, or whatever his real name is, is standing next to Hizzoner flashing a gang sign.
For those who have been living in a mountain cave over the last few years, Chicago is plagued by gang shootings that have made it world-famous for its murder rate. There is even a website,, that keeps a running tab on shootings:



Anonymous said...

The gangs were created by high level Freemasonry and the hand signs resemble their signs

Anonymous said...

Posing with the problem. That goes for both parties in the picture. How quaint.

lmclain said...

The Crips are probably funneling a few hundred grand a month to him and his various banks accounts.
If hundreds of people (WHITE people) were getting gunned down in the front of their houses and in schoolyards, parking lots and CHURCHES(!), you think the National Guard wouldn't already BE on the streets? Plus, these gangsters have been running the streets for a decade or more. They ain't giving up easy. It would take an ARMY, no joke. Some blocks and neighborhoods have hundreds of armed men and women.
So, the money is good, it's just black people getting whacked, and the effort would be bloody and have to violate Constitutional rights to be effective.
Very bloody.
Picture the news and think of what OTHER Americans would think of the video.
It could spread. way, bro. Look!! Over there! It's Tre' with his two kids! Drive around and I'm gonna blast him and those little bit***s!! It won't even make the news.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

What's that, a gun bulge under the thugs shirt?