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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Notice of Closed Session 8-27-18

There will be a Closed Session held Monday, August 27, 2018 upon the adjournment of Monday’s Legislative Session.

The Public Notice is attached and posted on the website at the link below:


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I take the blame for not attending council meetings and not keep up with it on line. We have had horrendous things to go through in out household and, I guess, the council has not been a priority. But shouldn't MAJOR changes be something for the voting booth? I'm happy for the "millenials," but what about the others who are living here and are trying to carry on? The issue that is ticking me off is the downtown parking lot between the library and the plaza. When that is torn up, where will all the library employees and other downtown employees park? I use that parking lot fairly often and every time I'm there it is full. I used the parking garage all the time prior to my retirement and it also was pretty much full. Now tell me, everyone is to use that? Really? You really think people, especially the elderly, will use that garage? I imagine that to be one big nightmare. And what about the library? Do you care about its use and its accessibility to people? Oh well. I guess beer gardens and bars are more important.

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No, folk festival expenses.

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9:55, isn't that Crime Stats? lol

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What right do they have of making it private. The people have every right to know what goes on in those meetings. After all, those fools work for us.