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Saturday, August 25, 2018

High school football participation has dropped 7 percent since 2009 amidst CTE concerns

As evidence continues to mount about the dangers of youth and high school football, the sport's participation has plummeted 7 percent from its peak in 2009, according to data released today by the National Federation of State High School Associations.

Some states have been affected more than others. In Ohio, where high school football reigned atop the sports hierarchy for decades, participation is down 23 percent over that time. Both North Carolina and Illinois have seen a 19 percent dip as well.

According to NBC News, at this rate, there will be fewer than 1 million high school football players in the United States by 2020.


Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do with CTE concerns. "Boys" these days are too worried about if their skinny jeans look good with their pink tennis shoes. It's a sissified culture issue rather than a fear of CTE.

Anonymous said...

And there is nowhere near the amount of physical education taking place in grade schools like there was 30 years ago - HENCE children's obesity.

And there isn't enough money in schools that requires many teachers to use their own money to purchase school supplies.

Yet millions goes out to athletes in sports entertainment.

Where are the priorities?

Anonymous said...

Kids are less active today with video games. Only fools believe the CTE hype it's just another attack on Americanism.

Anonymous said...

Idiot 718 - who buys the video games for the kids? CTE is real and has been proven countless amount of times by professionals.

The computer is not a toy, please pick up a book and READ it!