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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Former Playboy model, 36, found strangled to death inside her bedroom

Mystery surrounds the death of a former Playboy model who was found strangled in her bedroom in Pennsylvania Wednesday night.

Christina Kraft, 36, has been identified as the victim of the suspicious homicide that occurred in her condo on Sibley Avenue in the west side suburb of Ardmore.

Lower Merion Township Police were called to Kraft's residence around 9.15pm to perform a welfare check on the brunette bombshell and she was found dead in her bed. Police have not confirmed who initiated the wellness check.

An autopsy report revealed the lingerie model died by 'ligature strangulation.' As of late Thursday night, police had not made any arrests.



Anonymous said...

A "suspicious homicide"? Are there non-suspicious homicides?

Anonymous said...

George Bush's fault. If not him, blame it on Trump.

Anonymous said...

She must have known Bill Clinton.

Anonymous said...

She was going to sell her story about Bill Clinton and her having a sexual affair. The Clinton Crime Family Enforcers took her out!

Anonymous said...

Another Clinton casualty?