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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Terrorist Attack You Didn’t Hear About

They say that no news is good news, and there’s a lot of merit to that sentiment. You haven’t heard about a terrorist plot in a while. That’s generally a good thing. It’s easy to forget or overlook things when times are good, but the lack of terrorist attacks does not represent a shortage of effort on their part.

In fact, a major attack was foiled no less than a week ago. And, it was planned to strike at the very heart of American morale.

The Plot

Demetrius Pitts is a recently converted Islamic jihadi. He’s been living in Cleveland, Ohio for a number of years now, and that is where he centered his terrorist plot.

The FBI had been tracking him, and they were finally able to make a move last week. They caught him, literally red-handed, making homemade explosives. He intended to use them at a July 4th celebration in the city to murder as many innocent people as he could.

Authorities have not been fully forthcoming on all of the details of the plot, but speculation suggests that they are currently looking for accomplices. So far, Pitts is the only publicly stated suspect, and he has been arrested. Just to recap, the FBI foiled this terrorist plot only days before it went into action.



Anonymous said...

How many more foiled plots have there been that have remained under the public's radar?

Anonymous said...

What id like to know...How many plots were funded and supported or became useful idiots for our deep state goon squads?

Anonymous said...

Gotta stop some of them to make it look like they really care.

Nothing patriotic about the patriot act. Except it gives them access to pick and choose who goes down

Anonymous said...

He was working with Hillary Clinton and the FBI gave her another pass.