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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

California Presses Assault on Free Speech With ‘Fake News’ Panel

As the Supreme Court strikes blows against compelled speech and restrictions on free speech, California is doing its best to resist.

One of the latest legislative proposals from California aims to make government the arbiter of truth.

Senate Bill 1424 would create an advisory group on “fake news” to work with social media companies to weed out what the government deems incorrect information on the internet.

This legislation, if passed, would require California’s attorney general to create the group, consisting of “social media providers, civil liberties advocates, and First Amendment scholars,” to study and mitigate the problem of spreading false information.



Anonymous said...

Wow, 1984's "Ministry of Truth" becomes the law of the land in California.

Is that what you wanted?

Anonymous said...

6:43 would you rather have the elderly voting generation randomly believing articles planted by foreign governments?

If anything Trump would be the one manipulating the proles ;)

Anonymous said...

Constitution be damned, we'll decide what you can hear and read.

Anonymous said...

Hiel, Hitler!!! Oh, I'm sorry, for a minute there I thought we were back in the early 1940's.
Creating a ministry of information (disinformation).

Anonymous said...

California wants a jackboot in their face forever.

Anonymous said...

6:56, I will decide what I will or will not believe. Obviously that's something you can't do all by yourself.