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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Training as a Teacher to Carry a Firearm in School

Feature: FASTER Colorado's active shooter training for teachers

Last week I went through the training many of the teachers who are authorized to carry a gun in Colorado schools go through.

In the wake of the devastating school shootings in Parkland, Fla., and Santa Fe, Tex., many different solutions have been proposed for how to stop or at least curb the violence inflicted by active shooters. Among the most prominent solutions—thanks in large part to President Trump's advocacy—is arming teachers. Most, however, don't understand how arming teachers works in person or that a number of states already allow certain teachers to carry guns.

FASTER, which stands for Faculty / Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response, is a course offered with assistance from nonprofit organizations in Ohio and Colorado that have successfully trained hundreds of teachers. FASTER Colorado was kind enough to let me fly out to Denver and attend the three-day class and fully participate in all of the shooting, medical, and strategy drills it entails.



Anonymous said...

And There You Have It ..NAY SAYERS !!!!! What Do You Feel You Need To Say NOW ????

Anonymous said...

After completing this course, all teachers should return to schools and remove the GUN FRE ZONE signs.

Anonymous said...

Best and only solution to protect our kids