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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

NeverTrump Conservatism Has Passed Its Sell-By Date

NeverTrump conservatism has passed its sell-by date. It is a negative asset of the Republican Party. It needs to pack up and move – but not until the movement has been so decisively rebuked that those who are a part of it learn their lesson.

NeverTrumpism reveals an elitist stink that should be eliminated from the GOP in a much needed fumigation. The NeverTrumps wear an embarrassing tattoo that will forever taint them as the left's collaborators and useful idiots. NeverTrumpism harms the causes of the Republican Party and rots the party from within.

If these words sound unserious, overly harsh, over the top, and even a bit hysterical, it's because they are. The NeverTrumps, however, were serious when they used these exact words (and even nastier) numerous times in open disdain for the millions who voted for and support President Trump.



Anonymous said...

I am no fan of Mr. Trump and yes, I a moderate Republican/Libertarian. I'm sorry, but this purity-type litmus test is similar to what the insane wing of the Democrat party does. Why can't there be a healthy debate? Why must everyone on both sides "fall in line?" I feel like this kind of talk is like the liberals telling Kanye to get back on the plantation. Unhealthy.

Anonymous said...

It's the national/global equivalent of this area's Good Old Boy network.

Anonymous said...

In a war the traitors hang first, then the troops are organized to fight the enemy without being shot in the back.

Anonymous said...

A united front usually works. At least the dems seems to be cohesive..wrong on all points but they have a united front. What the nevertrumpers revealed is the deep evil deceptive agenda of both parties involved in the luciferian NWO. The NWO appears to be something both parties can be united about. They just need that last hurdle "GUNS". A defenseless population is allot easier to control and if needed eliminated

Trump is the wrench in the gears of the hidden danger of the rainbows agenda. As we can see the luciferians are writhing in agony torment over twarting his watch your back the satanic followers will be out and united