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Monday, July 23, 2018

Recovery, Recession, Or Depression? The State Of Americans' Livers Exposes Reality

"Never been better" is how President Trump and the mainstream would describe the economy with its multi-decade low unemployment, record high share prices, and more job openings than applicants.

However, judging by a new study by BMJ, "never been worse" may be a better description of America.

As Statista's Sarah Feldman notes, alcohol related liver deaths have been rising in the U.S over the past 7 years. In the decade preceding this uptick, these deaths were on the mend, raising the question - if everything is so awesome, why are Americans drinking themselves to death in record numbers?

You will find more infographics at Statista

Southern and western states have had the greatest change in alcohol related liver deaths.

Other demographic groups also carry a higher burden of this spike. Young people ages 25 to 34 years old-- particularly young men-- seem to be driving the upward trend in alcohol related liver deaths.

Liver failure usually takes years to develop and become deadly, which is why middle-aged men have historically been the face of the disease. The progressed cases of alcohol related liver deaths happening to a young age group signal that the alcohol abuse these people are engaging in is very severe.

Advanced alcohol abuse is linked to depression, particularly for young men but not older people or women. The authors correlate the worsening trend in alcohol related liver deaths—particularly among young men-- with the 2008 financial recession.



Anonymous said...

Some very serious statistics and I'll have a double on the rocks!

Not depressed at all, just love the taste!

Anonymous said...

Dave T: I'll drink to that !

lmclain said...

Focus on the real problem ---- people smoking pot.

It kills MILLIONS every year and no one wants to talk about that.

I made that up.

NO LAW OF ANY KIND can defeat the Law of Supply and Demand, although we always have a bunch of zealots who want to give one more try.
They are dumber than rocks, but that, unfortunately, never stops their zealous and maniacal efforts to show the rest of us how to live.
Their lives MUST be so free of problems to have so much time to tell us how to run our own.
Do us all a favor -- STFU.

Just for a couple of minutes, at least.