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Monday, July 23, 2018

New slogan: Whom are the Democrats really for?

It isn't for the people who will never see the outside of the womb, because Democrats love abortion.

It isn't for the people who believe that marriage between one man and one woman is all that God ordained, because Democrats hate God.

It isn't for the people who know that boys can only become men and girls can only become women, because Democrats have mainstreamed mental madness.

It isn't for the people who believe that their elected officials should represent only them, because Democrats will represent any potential vote, constituents or not, legal or not.

It isn't for the American poor, because Democrats care for only poor homeless illegal aliens.



Anonymous said...

Democrats care only for themselves and winning votes to stay in power.

Anonymous said...

Voting for Democrats is voting against Americans.

Anonymous said...

They are for the 1%ers, illegals and anybody they can manipulate. Not average American citizens.

Anonymous said...

Democrats of course.

Anonymous said...

There new motto since they have now exposed there true marxist ideals. Is just another orwellian double speak. Nothing democrats do is for the people!! Dems !! Be honest for once.. Why not just go full disclosure. The Democrats new motto should be
"To hell with you its for Lucifer" it would be the first honest true statement from the Democratic party

Anonymous said...

This is just bad writing and opinion. I am a Conservative, and I don't want to be associated with this.

Democrats hate God? 75% of the country is Christian, and half of the country is Democrat. You do the math. This is just false.

On that note, take a short read through the Bible at how many DIFFERENT kinds of marriages you find. *HINT- it's not just one man and one woman.

Newsflash: There are gay and transgender conservatives. Get over it.

There are plenty of Conservatives who support abortion.. just stop this partisan madness all ready.

Saying that Dems are for drugs, gangs, and human trafficking is just patently false, AND you will find plenty of Conservatives who support decriminalization of drugs and the sex trade.

As for the 2nd Ammendment, you will find Dems who are not only gun owners but NRA members.

Homosexual DOES NOT MEAN pedophile. A boy scout is more likely to be molested by his "straight" leader, or by his priest.

Before anyone payed attention, trasgenders were using what ever bathroom they wanted and no one noticed or cared.

How about we let people define themselves as they want to be defined? As long as they aren't forcing me to do anything, or harming me in any way who cares?

Dems DO NOT support illegal criminals who are terrorizing and killing people. That is just false. Point to anything that shows that. A tiny tiny percentage of illegals are criminal. So what, we also find that among the "legal" population. Does that mean Conservatives support legals terrorizing and killing people... see how stupid that sounds?

I could continue, but you get my point.

If we are to win in the market place of ideas, we should at least build our foundation on honest facts and truths, not just throw around ad hominems and build straw men cause it makes us feel superior and causes much ruckus and high fiving in the Conservative camp.

Point being is this actually HURTS the cause, not the other way around.