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Monday, July 23, 2018

Doctors Give Patients 11 Seconds To Explain Reason For Visit

Ever feel like your doctor is in a rush to get you out the door when you come in for a visit? You’re not just imagining things. A new study finds physicians give a patient an average of just 11 seconds to describe their issue before cutting them off.

Researchers from the University of Florida determined that for all the waiting we do after we arrive at a medical practitioner’s office, its the doctors who seem to have the least amount of patience. The study showed that just a third of physicians give patients adequate time to explain why they’re there.

Our results suggest that we are far from achieving patient-centered care,” says study co-author Naykky Singh Ospina in a release, adding that medicals specialists proved to be in the biggest hurry, compared to primary care physicians.

Singh Ospina, who led the research team, sought to examine the flow of conversation between clinicians and patients, and more importantly, see how viable it was for the most important person in the room — the patient, of course — to lead the discussion. Her researchers secured videos of consultations that were filmed in clinics across the U.S. as training sessions for the physicians between 2008 and 2015.



Anonymous said...

Of course they are in a rush. I checked in at my doctors office for an appointment and 3 other people had appointments at the same time. Insurance companies push for numbers of patients seen.

Anonymous said...

I've been seeing my doctor for about 20 years , I've seen the change over years of service from being close and personal to being distant and non caring . It's all about the money , we made it that way , we are a capitalist nation.

Anonymous said...

This because there are almost no private practices anymore. Most are owned by hospital conglomerates who insist doctors see a patient every 15 minutes. They risk getting let go if they don't adhere to this policy. It's all about the money nowadays of which even the doctor doesn't see much of.

Anonymous said...

Dave T: And a special thanks to my dear, least favorite president, Barrack "Obozo" Obama. "You like your healthcare, you can keep it." Healthcare is only about money, the hell with caring for people. Today, peoples pets can get faster, better healthcare, along with inmates and illegal aliens. But law abiding tax payers - no way ! They're too much in a hurry worrying about themselves and making a fast buck. If Hippocrates could only see us now !

Anonymous said...

I saw a local orthopedic that told me to point to the pain area with one finger. Pain ran from my spine to my ribs so I did not comply.

He got paid to do nothing and I ended up getting help elsewhere.