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Monday, July 23, 2018

Ohio restaurant cancels Sunday church discount after outrage from atheists

A seemingly harmless discount to parishioners who wanted a good meal after church backfired on a Ohio restaurant after a secular organization cried foul.

The owners of the Starters Cafe in Cheviot, Ohio, offered a 10-percent discount to those who presented that morning's church bulletin at Sunday brunch.

"What we did was make an offer on social media to give a 10-percent discount to anyone that gave a church bulletin to us on Sunday for brunch," Justin Watson said to WKRC.

"We've had an outstanding response from the local community. There's been a lot of support," Watson said.

Then Watson said he received a negative Yelp review from a woman regarding the promotion, and a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) threatening legal action.

"We are shocked that there is such little understanding of the Civil Rights Act and that there could be this kind of confusion, naivete that you can reward some customers for their religious beliefs and penalize others," Annie Laurie Gaylor, the co-president of the FFRF, told WKRC.



Anonymous said...

They got poor advice and folded unnecessarily.

Any hungry atheist could drop by any church in the community to pick up a bulletin and avail themselves of the discount.

Hope they'll reinstate the discount.

Anonymous said...

Next will be senior discounts.

Anonymous said...

There are military discounts I do not qualify for. Should I sue since I am being discriminated against.

lmclain said...

Atheists are hell bent on making everyone else think like they do.
Hell bent is THE perfect description.

The OCEAN could, by chance, carve a cross into the sand and they would sue SOMEBODY and scream like little bitc**s about how offensive the ocean is and we need to do something because they just can't take it!!
They'll never be able to look at any beach or ocean for the rest of their lives without trembling like little bitch*s and developing a neurosis at the mere though of getting close to a coastline.
I think some of them spend their whole day looking around for SOMETHING to be offended by.....did I mention "little bitc**s"?????

Anonymous said...

only nutless, gutless wonders would allow this.