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Monday, July 23, 2018

Father, son sheriff’s deputies jailed in Florida for separate murder, attempted sexual assault cases

A Florida jail is housing a 39-year-old man and his father who were both Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputies before getting into trouble with the law in separate cases, the Sun Sentinel reports.

Dad Carlton Nebergall Jr., 61, is awaiting trial in the Feb. 19 murder of his daughter’s estranged husband, according to the paper.

The son, Jason Nebergall, was convicted by a jury July 13 of trying to rape a woman while on duty in 2016.

They are both behind bars at the Palm Beach County Jail, the paper reported.

“It’s sadly and unfortunately coincidental,” defense attorney Michael Salnick told the paper. He represents both men and is working to get them released.



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"Just want to help people"

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Go to police academy and do the job correctly. First have to take care of your felony thou.