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Thursday, April 05, 2018

Nolte: Deplorables and the Faithful Owned Pop Culture Last Week

For just one week, the leftist blacklisters who run popular culture allowed Trump supporters and the Faithful a shot at playing in the game, and look at what happened — we took the place over and the results were Roseanne’s viewership record, ratings wins, and big profits at the box office.

Who could have ever predicted such a thing? After all, there are only about 150 million of us.

The utterly shocking news (to our provincial elite) that a woefully under-served audience of millions will still drop a few bucks for a piece of popular culture aimed at them began a little over two weeks ago with the release of the independent feature I Can Only Imagine.

This $7 million biopic about the story behind a popular Christian song opened to $17.1 million after the so-called “experts” predicted it would be lucky to hit $4 million. After three weekends in release, I Can Only Imagine is still the fourth most popular movie in the country with a total haul of $55 million — which already makes it a bigger hit than Pacific Rim Uprising ($46 million), Tomb Raider ($51 million), Love, Simon ($32 million), Sherlock Gnomes ($23 million), and Jennifer Lawrence’s Red Sparrow ($45 million).

I should add that none of those commercial titles is close to making a profit, while I Can Only Imagine was in profit after just a few days.

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Anonymous said...

I just can't even... just no.

The movie didn't do better for ANY other reason than it's a better movie than these other movies. Simply go look at the reviews.

When the Christian movies get shellacked and go straight to dvd... no one is here reporting to the contrary. Get over yourselves.

A good movie is a good movie, or tv show, and will do well or fail on it's own merits, not for any other reason.

Anonymous said...

Lol... "Paul, Apostle of Christ".. only 3.5M box office... ya'll have lost your minds!

Stop with all of the confirmation bias all ready and look past the garbage and demand facts with evidence!

Anonymous said...

"Gods not dead A light in darkness" total box office 3.4 million.... I mean... seriously it's been in theaters since April 3rd... the evidence doesn't hold up to what this article is selling AT ALL.