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Thursday, April 05, 2018

Momentum Builds for Second Special Council to Reopen Clinton Probe, Investigate DOJ

Congressmen point to widespread misconduct in Trump-Russia probe in letter to Sessions

Momentum is building on Capitol Hill for the Trump administration to reopen an investigation into former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her connections to an anti-Trump dossier that served as the basis for an ongoing investigation into President Trump and collusion with Russia during the 2018 election, according to lawmakers who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.

As the Department of Justice investigation into claims Trump colluded with Russia drags on, a delegation of Republican members of Congress led by Rep. Lee Zeldin (N.Y.) is pressuring the DOJ to appoint a second special counsel to investigate why the FBI dropped its investigation into Clinton's use of a private email server while serving as secretary of state, as well as further information that her supporters in the FBI may have targeted Trump in an effort to undermine his candidacy.

The lawmakers maintain that new evidence discrediting the anti-Trump dossier—which was assembled by the opposition research firm Fusion GPS on the Clinton campaign's behalf—warrants the appointment of a new special counsel that would be tasked with investigating FBI bias and unwarranted spying on Trump associates.



Anonymous said...

Please Pres. Trump, keep that promise you made to "Lock Her Up".

Anonymous said...

Dave T: I really don't like writing a ton of posts to bash people. I get no joy from it. However, it really bothers me to see the things I do see daily and not bash those deserving of it. Here's another situation I'm referring to. There are no shortage of reports that abundant evidence exists throughout Washington that Clinton has committed a multitude of crimes. Where we truly have a problem is that we have officials who lack both the moral fortitude and a backbone to take on the task of putting her where she belongs -- jail. Seems like nobody wants to do what's right, just what's politically correct. I'm a conservative, but I am disgusted with the Republican party and all of their Mickey Mouse games. Get your act together GOP, this is a no brainer. Do the job you were elected to do, or get out!