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Thursday, April 05, 2018

Embattled Scott Pruitt rips ‘toxic’ Washington, says critics ‘will resort to anything’ to stop Trump agenda

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt on Tuesday forcefully pushed back against criticism that he won a short-term sweetheart rental deal from a lobbyist friend, claiming it’s just the latest attempt by his and the president’s attackers to “resort to anything” to stop their agenda.

“There are people that have long in this town done business a different way and this agency has been the poster child of it. And so do I think that because we are leading on this agenda that there are some who want to keep that from happening? Absolutely. And do I think that they will resort to anything to achieve that? Yes,” he said in an interview with Secrets.

“It’s toxic here in that regard,” said Pruitt, one of a handful of President’s Trump’s agency heads who is scoring wins on his pro-jobs, anti-regulatory campaign.



Anonymous said...

Pruitt is a tool and a fraud. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Pruitt is exposing the EPA fake science and regulatory abuses that have been going on for years and is pissing off a lot of the rent seeking freeloaders that are getting rich from it.

So, in the recent past the EPA would issue a regulation based on so called science that they would refuse to publish.

The EPA was using fake, false and junk science to issue regulations without any recourse review or hearing.

Pruitt is just forcing the EPA to release the science behind the reason for the regulation.

What's wrong with that?

2:33 You are the tool!