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Thursday, April 05, 2018

Caravan Organizers Vow to Continue March to US Border

Hours after it was reported that the Mexican government was putting an end to the illegal migrant caravan headed through Mexico to the United States, organizer Pueblos Sin Fronteras claimed the caravan would continue.

There were also reports the caravan would cross into the U.S. from Baja California.

Buzzfeed reporter Adolfo Flores as well as independent reporter Maya Averbuch both reported Monday night that the Mexican government was intervening to stop the caravan.

“Mexican immigration authorities said they plan on disbanding the Central American caravan by Wednesday in Oaxaca. The most vulnerable will get humanitarian visas.”

“Gina Garibo, an organizer with Pueblos Sin Fronteras, said the caravan was not over. They will continue to travel towards the US with asylum seekers. “We will continue,” Garibo said. “We have to follow through with our promise.”

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Anonymous said...

Asylum seekers have to get asylum from the first country they enter outside their countries borders. If they don't they are not legitimate asylum seekers. They just want free US tax dollars and not work.

Anonymous said...

Just shoot the first 3 or 4 as they cross, the rest will have an education. and turn around.

Keep it up.