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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

U.S. Garment Workers Get Wage Raises

American garment workers are reaping the benefits of President Trump’s economic nationalism which seeks to tighten the labor market to increase U.S. wages.

As Breitbart News reported, average hourly wages jumped 2.9 percent compared to last January, much higher than originally expected, while the unemployment rate dropped to an 18-year low at about 4.1 percent.

For the roughly 116,000 U.S. garment workers and clothing manufacturers, Trump’s economic nationalism has translated to wage growth of about 14 percent on average.

Economists and analysts told CNN that the wage increases for garment workers were likely due to businesses having to raise wages in order to retain workers in the industry as immigration enforcement is much stricter under Trump.



Anonymous said...

And it's only getting better. 10+ years of economic destruction and export of American jobs will take more than the first year of Trump. He's done more the first year than ANY other POTUS in turning this ship around.

Anonymous said...

Who aspires to be a garment worker ? That's right up there with digging coal and plucking chickens and white people don't wanna do that work they'd rather collect disability. We need to get rid of these turn of century menial jobs and mollycoddling people too stupid or too lazy to get an education and think they have some red white and blue divine entitlement to be good Christian Grunts and a living wage for simply being.Everyone Poo Poos the Unions but they got a lot of poor dolts further than they'd have gotten otherwise.