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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Wisconsin Dems: Obtaining Voter ID Is ‘Free and Easy’

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin on Monday admitted it is "free and easy" for Wisconsin voters to obtain a photo ID despite arguing in the past that voter ID laws suppress minority voters and disenfranchise "so many people."

The party sent out a tweet on Monday letting voters know that the primary election for the Wisconsin Supreme Court was coming up on Feb. 20 and that it was "free and easy" for voters to obtain a photo ID to vote. The tweet included a link to inform voters about the various forms of ID that are acceptable on election day.

The "MyVote Wisconsin" link noted there is no separate "Voter ID" card required to vote, adding that anyone "with a valid Wisconsin driver license or Wisconsin state ID card" can vote. It also listed eleven other documents that would be accepted at the polling stations.

Democrats have not always thought voter IDs were "free and easy" to obtain in Wisconsin. In the not-so-distant past, Democrats accused Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans in the state of trying to suppress the vote of Democrats and minorities, the Hill reported in 2016.


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