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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Candace Owens Great Speech At The Conservative College Student Action Summit 2018


Anonymous said...


Tsunami Warning for Coastal waters from Fenwick Island DE to Chincoteague VA out 20 nm

From 10:59am EST, Tue Feb 6 until 11:59am EST, Tue Feb 6
Action Recommended: Avoid the subject event as per the instructions
Issued by: West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center - AK, US, National Weather Service,

Other Alerts in the Vicinity
There are currently no other weather alerts in the vicinity.

Other affected areas: West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center, AK

Anonymous said...

11:16, I rec'd one too!

Anonymous said...

The best line was when she explained why she sounded like a white person was because she spoke English. That is logic which hard to top.

Anonymous said...

In a statement released later Tuesday, Accuweather said the test alert was miscoded by the NWS, which led to the push notification being sent.

"While the words 'TEST' were in the header, the actual codes read by computers used coding for real warning, indicating it was a real warning," the statement said.