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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Philly Fans Celebrate Winning Super Bowl LII, by Trying to Burn Their City to the Ground

Eagles fans reacted calmly and respectfully after their team won the Super Bowl on Sunday night. Just kidding, they burned their city to the ground.

Here are some of the highlights — or low-lights — of the revelry that took place in Philadelphia on Sunday night. If I have to warn you that many of these scenes contain violence, nudity, and vehicle fires, you’re probably not familiar with Eagles fans.

All the same, several videos are NSFW:



Anonymous said...

total bs! fans celebrated some things destroyed but the city is still standing!

Anonymous said...

Nobody seems to remember how many other cities have had much the same things happen after big games (baseball, basketball, football) over the past thirty years.

Anonymous said...

Blacks riot when police shoot black suspects.

Whites riot when their team wins a championship.

Go figure....

Anonymous said...

Thugs celebrating a win by thugs.