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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Stanford students felt ‘unsafe and hurt’ over satirical posters defending ICE agents

Students at Stanford University were reportedly brought to tears by satirical posters defending Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

The flyers were hung up on Jan. 24 by Isaac Kipust, who said they were a response to posters that encouraged students to report any immigration-enforcement activity on campus.

“Call to receive immediate support if you see law enforcement authorities doing their job!” the satirical flyers read. “Beloved community criminals deserve protection from Trump’s tyranny.”

All of the flyers were taken down on the same day they were put up, Mr. Kipust said, because they made three students feel “unsafe and hurt.”



Anonymous said...

Oh good grief - give me a break!!! The whole lot of them just need to get over themselves and grow up!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, warning of police raids is illegal, it’s criminal intent, aiding and abetting. Stanford allows advocating breaking the law. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Some will grow up. Others will be like this forever, remaining on the Left Coast to perpetuate the same.

Anonymous said...

The ones that don"t grow up will become Democrat politicians.

Anonymous said...

having illegals in the country makes me feel unsafe and hurt

Anonymous said...

Imagine if they had to storm the beaches in Normandy on D-Day!