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Friday, January 12, 2018

The Bundys and an Egregious Case of Prosecutorial Misconduct

In a stunning development further underscoring the corruption that exists at the highest levels of the federal government, U.S. District Judge Gloria M. Navarro threw out felony conspiracy and weapons charges against rancher Cliven Bundy, sons Ammon and Ryan, and co-defendant Ryan Payne. “The government’s conduct in this case was indeed outrageous,” Navarro explained. “There has been flagrant misconduct, substantial prejudice and no lesser remedy is sufficient.”

How outrageous? Navarro dismissed the case “with prejudice” — meaning the government cannot try the case again on the same charges. And in a 30-minute explanation, the Barack Obama-appointed jurist ripped the conduct of the prosecutors and the FBI. She blasted the Nevada U.S. Attorney’s Office for willful violations of due process that included several misrepresentations to both defense attorneys and the court that showed “a reckless disregard for the constitutional obligation to seek and provide evidence.”

She was also troubled by the prosecutors’ “failure to look beyond the FBI file,” which she characterized as an “intentional abdication of its responsibility,” and wondered aloud how the FBI itself “inexplicably placed” or “perhaps hid” a tactical operations log referring to the presence of snipers outside Bundy’s home on a “thumb drive inside a vehicle for three years.”

Navarro also blasted prosecutors’ assertions that they weren’t aware such documents could help the defendants as “grossly shocking.” “The government was well aware of theories of self-defense, provocation and intimidation,” Navarro stated. “Here the prosecution has minimized the extent of prosecutorial misconduct.”



Anonymous said...

They sound kind of like the lawyer that Hillary was, and the monster she was allowed to become, don't they.

Anonymous said...

So, my confusion is that Nevada has the authority to assign water rights to this land and require the ranchers to drill wells, pump water, and supply it to livestock, yet the Federal government wants to charge rent on the land to let the livestock graze on that same piece of land.

Just who IS the owner/landlord here? It's got to be EITHER Nevada or the FEDS, but it can't be both. There has to be only ONE set of rules to follow.

That seems to be the dilemma here, and the Bureau of Land MANAGEMENT is there to MANAGE Nevada land, not OWN it, and that is confounding the issue.

Anonymous said...

The Bundy patriots are alive only because of the power of the alternative media to keep this story alive.
I fear for their safety in the future.
They challenged the elites who run the US government, and that is a dangerous thing to do.