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Friday, January 12, 2018

Report: Biggest Source of Planned Parenthood Revenue Is U.S. Taxpayers

In its most recent annual report, abortion giant Planned Parenthood has revealed that its number one source of revenue in 2017 was government funds taken from the pockets of American taxpayers to the tune of a half billion dollars.

Under the title of “Government Health Services Reimbursements & Grants,” Planned Parenthood acknowledged taking in a whopping $544 million of tax dollars during the course of the year, with a massive excess of revenues over expenses totaling close to $100 million. The 2017 excess revenue represented a 27 percent increase over the prior fiscal year, from $77.5 million to $98.5 million in surplus income.

Among its expenses, America’s largest abortion provider spent $47.9 million on sex education, $40 million on public policy and another $85.4 million on fundraising.

The group says it performed 321,384 abortions in the United States during 2017, making Planned Parenthood clinics the most lethal place in the nation for unborn babies.

The annual report displays a graph proclaiming Planned Parenthood court victories “won to protect and expand access to safe and legal abortion.”



Anonymous said...

So the $100 million in excess of expenses should be returned to taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

Nothing that county health departments couldn't do for half the price.

Anonymous said...

Take that money and use it to sterilize any woman that comes in for a second abortion also sterilize any man that impregnates a woman that has his child that he is not supporting.Since we can't just shoot the SOBs atleast this way we would be getting something for our money.