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Friday, January 12, 2018

Why Dissolving the Election Fraud Commission Is a True Loss for the Nation

This week, the White House announced the sudden, disappointing news that the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity was being dissolved.

Liberal advocacy groups, which for months have worked to obstruct the group’s efforts to examine the integrity and security of the ballot box, ecstatically declared victory. But their win is a loss for the nation, which remains blind to the true breadth and scope of fraud in American elections.

As if to emphasize that point, The Heritage Foundation has once again added a slew of new cases to its election fraud database.

Accounting for the new entries, the database now lists 1,107 verified instances of fraud, including 961 criminal convictions of proven fraudsters, 48 cases that ended in civil penalties, 76 cases that resulted in defendants entering diversion programs, and 22 that ended with either a judicial or official finding of fraud.



Anonymous said...

The real problem is that it isn't taken seriously enough.The sure fire way of preventing voter fraud is to make people realize is comparable to spying and selling our defense secrets to our enamies.Minium mandatory sentenses of ten years to life without parole would go a long way tword solving the problem.

Anonymous said...

I believe the author of this article got it all wtong. The President did NOT dissolve the Commission run by VP Pence. It was turned over to I blieve Homeland Security which is better yet. Please correct me if I am wrong

Anonymous said...

Punishment should be the result of all the states who ignored requests or flat out said "no" to turn over voter registrations to the commission for review.

Anonymous said...

Actually the commission got info from many states, which is helpful and can be conveyed to DHS. Just as useful, the states refusing to cooperate have outed themselves and can bee the focus of continuing investigation by DHS which they will find more challenging to defy.