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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Wow! 2014 Clinton Foundation tax return. They took in $177 million, donated $5 million, spent $86 million doing it, and kept the $86 million change

WARNING! Before reading this, find a big, strong clothespin. Check that. Find a large steel industrial clamp. Clamp both nostrils shut before you begin reading, as a stench is going to fill the room the likes of which you have never experienced before and will never want to experience.

I’m not an accountant, but how the hell do you receive $177 million in contributions and spend $86 million in expenses to donate a measly $5 million in actual charity donations? The uber-corrupt Clinton Foundation managed to that in 2014. And they kept the $86 million change! WTF!?

From Thomas Ventimiglia

This should be investigated: Spent $86 million in salaries and expense to donate $5.1 million.

Read it again!

And when she didn’t win, the donations completely stopped and they closed the business.

Read it again!

Wonder why the Clinton Foundation folded so suddenly after she was no longer in a position of influence perhaps will give some insight into the crooks.



Anonymous said...

Why don't they give speeches to make money like Obama is doing?

Anonymous said...

And a do nothing Congress and judicial system does nothing but if it were you or me look out.

Anonymous said...

It was all pay to play with foreign government and lobbiest

Anonymous said...

Exactly what you can expect from the Clinton Mafia.

Anonymous said...

And that is why President Trump always referred to her as Crooked Hillary.

Anonymous said...

They don't give speeches anymore because they're now not valuable, having no direct power over government as they did while in the Arkansas White House, the U.S. White House, the U.S. Senate and the Office of the Secretary of State.

Bob Aswell....Not Fooled said...

Here is a GOOD example why term limits are not only practical but highly important to the political process and government. Bill Clinton has done enough,enough times to be hung many times over. If any other citizen had been seen in the same light they WOULD have been hung. Yet the electorate elected him twice. This in its self tells the story of the Swamp and how easily the public can be manipulated. Sad but true. Until the public turns away from gullibility you'll always have the proverbial fly in the ointment. Its easier to trash Donald Trump for exposing the idiocracy in D.C. then to take responsibility and see these jokers ONLY get ONE TERM in office. Then we have the turncoat republicans like John McCain who is the same as Harry Reed in a different package. He meshes with the Dumbocrats to make sure no good is done for the good of anyone. The ball is in your hands voter. Think before you make the play.
Bob Aswell....Not Fooled

bob pinto said...

The worst part is the majority of voters want the crook. They don't care if she is a crook, as long as they feel good.

This goes for any leader,on either side. i was horns-waggled by the Bush family.

Anonymous said...

Yea, their tax returns Never came up in Election ...Only
Trumps !!!! Republicans should have seized on that !!!!

Anonymous said...

Lets show congress WERE they took it all in FROM !!!!

Anonymous said...

They didn't give one dime to the Texas or Florida hurricane victims. Trump gave one million to each state. Even while the hurricane was ravaging Florida, Hillary was charging up to $200.00 for an invitation only autographed copy of her book "What Happened?" The Clintons have absolutely no class or empathy for others. The world exists solely for their greed.