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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Rep. Franks: N. Korea Doesn't Want to Fight Us, It Wants to Extort Us

Commenting on President Donald Trump's remarks Tuesday at the United Nations, particularly regarding Communist North Korea, House Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) said the North Korean regime "does not want to fight the United States" but it does "want to extort the United States."

“North Korea does not want to fight the United States," said Rep. Franks in a press release. "They want to extort the United States."

"They watched Bill Clinton pay their ransom when he negotiated an agreement with North Korea that ultimately gave them time to develop nuclear weapons," said Franks. "They watched Barack Obama make a deal with them that gave North Korea the time to develop their nuclear missile capability. They watched Barack Obama compensate Iran with billions of dollars that now facilitates the relentless march by the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism to a full-blown industrial nuclear weapons capability."

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Anonymous said...

Rocket man has one goal, and one goal only; the reunification of North and South Korea. He is going to accomplish what both his grandfather and father were unable to do because of America's nuclear might. He has found the answer to our strength...its nuclear weapons. Once he levels the playing field, we will leave the S Koreans to their own defense (as it should be) and the North will overrun them. We will, in the near future, be calling it Korea, no North and South. Just like we call Vietnam today, no North and South Vietnam.

Can anyone tell me why we should risk a nuclear war with N. Korea? And that's why we won't do it. Kim knows it. Trump is puffing, and I'm okay with that, if he makes rocket man nervous. But Trump might just end up doing for America, what should have been done long ago....get the US out of S. Korea and let them stand, or fall, on their own. Not one inch of Korea is worth the loss of one more American life there. They have nothing that we have to have.

Anonymous said...

He speaks of exploiting the GOVERNMENT.
Not "us" as he states.

That is the tom foolery of Hollywood and US Politics.
They never actually say what them mean.
Therefore, we never really know what they intend.

Anonymous said...

3:25, Well written statement.There is another possibility other than the North 'overrunning' the South,reconciliation. There is,and always has been,a strong desire of the people on both sides to reunite and be one.

Anonymous said...

I think it is rare that we hear from the little people when national affairs are in question. The North ....given a chance (I agree) would like to reunite.

Fly big banners over the North saying "Don't Fight ....Reunite"

Anonymous said...

Exactly !! Rocket man also knows he Can and Will be able
to Destroy Soul S K before we can do anything about it
and Holds this over our heads already !!

Anonymous said...

After we Finish him off there WILL be ONE Free Korea !!
SAd alot of good people have to die ,but that is WAR and
that is the Enemy's fault Not ours !! Blame them