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Saturday, September 23, 2017

After Hurricane Harvey, what will happen to the hundreds of thousands of flooded cars?

Open the car door and the stench is enough to knock you off your feet. Mold has started to bloom on the doors and there is still water in the cup holders. Three weeks after floodwaters in Houston have receded, evidence of the flood is everywhere — especially in the cars the storm left littered along highways and roads.

More than 500,000 cars are estimated to have been flooded during Harvey, and incredibly some of them may end up in an online ad or a car lot near you.

At McCree’s Ford in Dickinson, more than 1,000 vehicles flooded. “All but nine vehicles,” said Mitchell Dale, McRee’s owner. The new cars will be crushed. Used cars will be sent to salvage. Still more customer cars, flooded in the service department, await their owner’s insurance company to come decide what’s next.



Anonymous said...

They will try to sell them here on DelMarVa !! No Doubt

Anonymous said...

They will be at Hopkins.