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Friday, September 08, 2017

Wicomico Council Hears Mixed Opinions On Confederate Marker Removal

SALISBURY – Residents both for and against the removal of a historical marker in Wicomico County honoring a Confederate general shared their views with the county council this week.

In a public comment portion of Tuesday’s Wicomico County Council meeting, residents and organizations called for county officials to remove the marker of Confederate Gen. John Henry Winder from the courthouse lawn in Salisbury.

Winder, who was born in the area, graduated from the U.S. Military Academy. He left the U.S. Army to serve the Confederacy during the Civil War. Prior to his death, he was in charge of Confederate prison camps.

The marker of Winder was originally placed along Route 13, but was later moved to its current location on the courthouse lawn in Salisbury after it was involved in a number of motor vehicle accidents.



Big Hurl said...

Leave it where it currently stands. There's to many thin skinned, sensitive people who want history to be erased to their liking.

Anonymous said...

How many years has it been there and NO one gave it a second thought. Then a liberal trying to stir up division raises a stink about it for their agenda to divide us. Leave it alone there's way more important things to be discussing and solving. Truth is they could care less about the statue they just see it as a means to create BS

Anonymous said...

My hat's off to John cannon for having the cajoles to stand up to the handful of protesters.
If you ask 99.9 % of blacks on the eastern shore where the confederate monuments are, they wouldn't have a clue.
It doesn't affect anyone, so leave it alone!

Anonymous said...

We need to place another Statue in the county.

Anonymous said...

Some turds have too much time on their hands.I was born around the corner from this at PGH over 70 years ago. Also went into the court house on business several times a month for years and have yet to notice the marker.
This is a waste of time and money. Should not even be on the agenda.

Anonymous said...

I noticed CNN has backed of the removal of statues after realizing it would mean changing DEMOCRAT PARTY name. People starving and homeless in the USA and millionaires are stirring conflict. I DONATED a higher percentage of money based on my income then BERNIE SANDERS does to charity. MOST of the MIDDLE CLASS did nationwide

Anonymous said...

Many of the protestors at that meeting kept calling him general Winder as in "as the wind blows" and it is Winder as in "wind the clock."

Proof to me that those idiot don't even know who he is and they even admitted they didn't even know the Marker was there.

Anonymous said...

I saw that old hack Ed Taylor on Pac 14 and he said he was on the County Council for 12 years and didn't even know it was there. He said that he put in his new book a conversation from a conversation from another conversation that came from another conversation that someone had from that person. Not sure exactly what conversation he had and what it was about other than the topic was about General Winder. Sounds like he is quoting something that was handed down numerous times and we all know how that goes. He also used that podium to sell his books which was out of line and he should have been called out on it, but no one will because he is black.

Anonymous said...

Those idiots that spoke out against it was nothing but a small group of misfits that aren't even from Wicomico County.

Anonymous said...

I was told by a county councilman that the petition those idiots from Showing Up for Racial Justice presented to them that there were only 13 people who actually lived in Wicomico County who signed it. Out of 300 signatures on their petition only 13 of them actually lived in Wicomico County.

Those idiots need to worry about black on black crime.

Anonymous said...

And Jake Day is wanting it move off the courthouse property because the sign doesn't belong in the middle of Salisbury. Guess what Dumb A$$ it's not in the middle of Salisbury, it's in the middle of Wicomico County.

Anonymous said...

Those misfits keep talking about slavery and the lynching that happened close by.

Well I am a historian and I read books on this astute gentleman. General Winder didn't even own one slave so don't even bring up slavery.

General Winder had absolutely nothing to do with that lynching that occurred so don't even bring up that lynching.

They keep bringing up that "lynching of a black man" but they somehow failed to mention that this black man MURDERED a white man. That is right he had a gun and went right in the business and shot his boss a white man. They need not bring up that lynching again.

They keep saying the plaque should tell the "whole story of General Winder" but they fail to tell the "whole story" of the black man that murdered his white boss. Tell that story next time, idiots.

Anonymous said...

Is ole man Taylor still roaming around. I was thinking he was serving time for causing the fatality out his way on RT 50 and Queen. Wait, I forgot it had been swept under the carpet. Hands washed of it.

Anonymous said...

That one kid said that he has to look at that marker everyday when he goes to his job across the street...he said he works in a shoe store across the street...can anybody tell me what shoe store is across the street from that marker? further more that so called history buff was wrong on his accessment to...that history buff had his history slavery was just a small factor of those states secceeding...Most did not in fact fight over slavery...they were thrown into a war that most did not want to be part of were did to save their homes, families...the south was being pillaged, ravaged, homes burnt down....There were so many alternative facts that they all need some history lessons..If you gonna speak at least know what youre talking about...most of them made them selves look like complete idiots...the only one that spoke that actually even half way knew what she was talking about was the blonde chick in the red...let me ask you this..Do you always trust and agree with what your govt does? what your elected representatives do on your behalf? if your answer is anything but no then rethink your answer. They make decisions that you may not agree with..but you dont have a choice but to honor and obey those laws. in this do what your govt tells you.....they were in it...they were not given a choice..not to also mention that during that when the first draft was enacted..called the enrollment act.....they had to get in...again to save their homes and families....what would you do...if your home, state and country were being occupied by troops that were ravaging and burning and pillaging your homes? what would you do? would you not stand to try to defend your homes and families? many were in it for those very reasons! and yes Md was a slave state....slave ships came into Md...why do they think slaves were traded here...because it was in fact a slave state....that history buff needs to head back to school for more many statements and so little facts! oh and by the way...i dont give a rip about that marker!move it, keep it hell nobody knew it was even there...Taylor himself admitted that he worked and walked by it everyday for 12 years and didnt know it was even there...yet he called for the removal 4 years ago??? yeah...all book his book sales...and i agree that he should have been shut down when he used that podium to promote his book sales...and i will add...Jim crow, kkk, civil rights denial... all brought to you by the acts of democrats!