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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Median Fence, Lighting Project To Begin In October

OCEAN CITY — The long-awaited dune-style median fence and enhanced street lighting project for Coastal Highway is expected to begin in mid-October with an anticipated completion date prior to the next summer season.

For over a year, Ocean City officials have been coordinating with the State Highway Administration (SHA) on a project that will install a dune-style median fence down the center of Coastal Highway from Route 90 to the Convention Center as part of a larger continued effort to improve pedestrian safety along the corridor. The median fence is expected to improve public safety in the known troubles spot section of Coastal Highway which historically has seen the most pedestrian-vehicle collisions by forcing pedestrians to cross the highway at marked crosswalks at street ends and not dash across in between blocks.



Anonymous said...

OC cannot be dumbass proofed.Drunks will find a way to get hit.

Anonymous said...

One glaring problem OC has is that they do no mark a crosswalk as such. They all look different. One only needs to ride the bus to see the visitors with blank expressions on their face standing on a corner that is not a crosswalk. At 1st St for example, what used to be a crosswalk has been paved over with blacktop the entire summer.

Anonymous said...

Ah ... let the contest begin -

Who will win, - the Salisburians with their ignorant comments blaming the Mayor and trashing of all city official officials, LEO, School Board etc, plus asinine comment of non city folks who have not a clue about fencing.

Come on O C show us your stuff. I'm betting your great citizens stay better informed then Salisbury folks and we will not have to readi cocomonium comments from the beach concernin media fencing.

Anonymous said...

Huh 1126am? $4.5 MIIIIIIIIIILLION for fencing in the middle of the road...only to deter a few SEACRETS drunks from not crossing at the crosswalk.

You tell me if that make fiscal sense at all? Four Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars. Your MD tax dollars at work!