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Thursday, August 03, 2017

New York AG Says States Will Do “Whatever We Have To” To Make Sure Obamacare Subsidies Continue

A federal appeals court recently allowed a coalition of more than a dozen states to intervene in a long-running lawsuit challenging the legitimacy of billions of dollars in federal subsidy payments to insurance providers. But regardless of what happens in that case, President Trump has repeatedly dangled the threat that he could pull the plug on those payments at any time. The states coalition says it is preparing for that possibility and is ready to take the White House to court if necessary. 


Anonymous said...

The taxpayers want the subsidies stopped!
The politicians want them to continue in order to 'buy' votes....

Get rid of the subsidies and the politicians that rely on them!

Anonymous said...

It won't last long without the Federal funds in there....every state would need drastic tax increases.... taxpayers won't allow that to happen....hit a snowflake in their wallet and it will fade fast!

Anonymous said...

Astrid idiot who can't back up his promise. There are what, 536 more in the Senate and Congress spewing the same drivel as the program is circling the drain!.

Can you say, "Dumass"?