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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Who Funded the Fake Trump/Putin Dossier?

In case you missed it, the Democrat Party and its mainstream media machine has focused all their resources this week on the emerging criminal conspiracy between former DNC chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her IT expert, Imran Awan, et al.

Just kidding.

They actually focused all their 24/7 print and bandwidth on the fact that the House Judiciary Committee formally requested that Attorney General Jeff Sessions investigate Barack Obama‘s AG Loretta Lynch, Obama’s FBI director James Comey, and of course Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her criminal co-conspirator Bill Clinton.

Just kidding.

Of course, The New York Times and The Washington Post, along with all their Demo download media outlets, remain totally focused on their delusional Trump/Putin collusion illusion, the fake news farce they have been proliferating, ad nauseam, since President Donald Trump took office.

But some Democrats are quietly retreating from the Trump/Putin front because of the increasing risk that the fraudulent charade will ricochet.

Why would it backfire?

Because of Glenn Simpson and company..

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Anonymous said...

The whole issue of election collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia has been a lie from the start, one continuously spoon fed to the American public over the last year. It was hard to swallow in its infancy and now the reality of it is poised to choke even the most gullible MSM reader, watcher and listener.
This is what American politics have become, courtesy of the Democratic Party.