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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Should Congress be exempt from Obamacare?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely not!!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, they should be forced to participate in any healthcare boondoggle they force on the masses! "Exempt" just allows them to pay cash from all the graft they collect. If they had to obey the rules they make for us, they would actually change the rules!

Anonymous said...

Him- total useless idiot
Her - intelligent and educated. Oh yeah - and hott!

Anonymous said...

Let me say it again.
Give Congress a mandate that they use only the VA, including its hospitals and clinics nationwide, for all of its healthcare needs. What's good enough for the nation's defenders by definition must be good enough for its elected officials. If it's not, Congress will be sure to make it so.

Anonymous said...

All laws should apply to Congress, save any exceptions in the Constitution.

They should be proud to be held to the same standard as they craft for all other citizens.

lmclain said...


Two Sets of Laws.

They flaunt it and do not care what it looks like or if you like it or not.
The ONLY way to stop this elitist, out-of-control train of "career" politicians knifing us in the back every day to enrich themselves, their families, and their friends, is to march them outside and hang them from a lamp post. Leave them there and televise it.
YOU think they will, one day, get TIRED of getting richer ($70 BILLION just ain't enough for one man!)? Tired of watching their power grow exponentially? Tired of paying less taxes than their secretary? Tired of rigging every part of the system in their favor?
Nope. Ain't happening.
The noose will continue to be tightened around OUR necks until we take it off and put it on THEIR necks and REALLY tighten it up. Just like Thomas Jefferson predicted we would.
Until then?
Keep cheering!

Anonymous said...

Should congress be exempt from Obamacare? HELL NO!