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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Olympic Stadium In Montreal Turned Into Welcome Center For Refugees From U.S.

Faced with a flood of asylum seekers traveling from the United States into Quebec, Canada, local authorities have repurposed Montreal's Olympic Stadium and turned it into a refugee welcome center.

A spokesperson for PRAIDA, the local government agency that helps refugees, tells the CBC more than 1,000 asylum seekers crossed the border into Quebec last month. "In comparison, PRAIDA helped 180 people in July 2016," the CBC writes.

The vast majority of the asylum seekers are Haitians who initially fled the devastating earthquake in 2010, and whose future status in the U.S. is unclear under the Trump administration.



Anonymous said...

Another 5 years I wonder what Canada will look like?

Anonymous said...

Hurray for Canada. Open the gates one way, north only. No return allow.

Anonymous said...

Make room for Whoopi and her view crew of lesbians.... LOL Some of our proudest gems.... PLEASE TAKE THEM ALL!

Anonymous said...

@ 10:50am - Look at England - If corrupt Hillary had won, The United States would be increasingly flooding with Obama refugee left-overs coming our way and our future as Americans would be dictated by euro powers, not American powers. Donald Trump has saved our country in many ways that never get recognized or talked about except in the comment threads of liberal media. The Democrat comments are always filled with hate and slander, never with productive thought for the future of our country. After we tolerated 8 long, hard-to-swallow years of Obama then having to read such asinine comments from online Democrats makes being a died in the wool Republican easy. I'm long past the point of reading their continual, always negative/hostile stupid.

Anonymous said...

A good thing about being in the stadium? Most of them play soccer.