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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Collins: In Baltimore, time for Stop, Frisk … and Exile

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By Michael Collins

Baltimore’s soaring murder rate demands a forceful response by the city government. It must immediately implement Stop and Frisk policies in violent communities and institute Project Exile.

Baltimore saw 34 murders last month, 96 in the last three months, and 204 since the beginning of the year (as of Tuesday morning). Nearly 90% of Baltimore’s homicide victims were African-American and only 6% were white (in a city 31% white).

So far this year, 181 black residents of Baltimore—mostly young men—have been killed on the city’s streets. That gives Baltimore the grisly distinction of having a murder rate more than double that of Chicago, and nearly 10 times that of New York City.



Anonymous said...

How can you trust stop and frisk while police are planting evidence to frame ppl

Anonymous said...

If they plant evidence That's the Mayor of Baltimore's orders.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of room in SIBERIA
Time to start a Deportation plan with Putin !!!!