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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Trump blasts Senate as ‘obstructionists,’ demands approval of his nominees

President Trump accused Senate Democrats Monday of blocking his nominees — particularly ambassadorships — from confirmation, issuing yet another Twitter challenge to Capitol Hill.

But Democrats fired back, saying the problem is that Mr. Trump has been slow in sending nominees over to Capitol Hill for action, and it’s up to him to get the ball rolling.

It’s the latest flare-up in a relationship that has only deteriorated over the first four months of Mr. Trump’s presidency.

“Dems are taking forever to approve my people, including Ambassadors. They are nothing but OBSTRUCTIONISTS! Want approvals,” Mr. Trump said on Twitter amid an outburst that spanned everything from the latest London terror attack to gun control to criticizing how his own Justice Department has mounted the legal defense of his extreme vetting policies.

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer fired back, saying Mr. Trump has been the problem. He said there are more than 500 positions that require Senate confirmation, and Mr. Trump has only nominated 63. Another 15 have been announced but not formally nominated.

Of the 63, just 39 have been confirmed..



Rebel Without a Clue said...

So if he is sending the over "too slowly", then why are they not being approved more quickly?

Anonymous said...

Obama's minions, the Mindless Ones, are trying to destroy Yes! Say No Sweet Ones!

Anonymous said...

He can't fire everyone. Federal judges are lifetime appointees. House and senate are voted in and can't be touched by POTUS. It's time for him to learn to work with people.

Anonymous said...

I think I believe President Trump over the democrats.

Anonymous said...

Democrats just suck!! Plain and simple!! All of them!

Anonymous said...

Democrats are anti American

Anonymous said...

3:35 & 4:59 The house and senate are both controlled by republicans. Can't blame the dems when his own party won't back him up.