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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Subject: Judge Decides Everyone Who Got Illegal Dish Network Telemarketing Calls Should Get More Money

Dish Network will have to pay more than $60 million — three times the originally calculated damages — for sales reps who made repeated, unwanted cold calls to thousands of people on the Do Not Call Registry.

Back in January, a jury in North Carolina found Dish Network responsible for repeated marketing calls made to more than 51,000 calls to 18,000 folks whose numbers were on the Do Not Call list.

Dish didn’t technically place the calls itself; a third-party company it hired did. But the class-action lawsuit ended with Dish being held responsible for its vendor’s actions. The jury had to determine how much Dish owed, on a scale of $0 to $500. They settled on $400 for each illegal call — adding up to a total of $20.5 million.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good. I have to abide by it, as every telephone socitor does. They knew the rules and CHOSE not to play by them.
Now, if we can only get the same rules to apply to politicians!!! (they conveniently excused themselves) Don't hold your breath.