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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Wicomico County’s Brothers of the Brush contest launches

People can still register for facial hair growing competition

The Brothers of the Brush facial hair growing contest launched with shaving on Saturday, and there’s still time to get involved.

To kick off the competition, Eric Ludwig’s Downtown Barbershop shaved the facial hair of Wicomico County Recreation, Parks & Tourism Director Steve Miller and Wicomico County Councilman Matt Holloway on stage at the Downtown Salisbury Festival.

Miller and Holloway will be participating in the fastest growing beard category, in which participants start with a clean-shaven face and see how long they can grow their facial hair by the judging on Friday, Sept. 15, during 3rd Friday.

Other categories include moustache, partial beard, full beard, most unusual and worst beard. Competitors have a chance to win sesquicentennial prizes and trophies, and it is free to participate.

On Saturday, people registered for the contest, with a few shaving on-site.

The Brothers of the Brush contest is being held as part of Wicomico County’s 150 Year Celebration. Back when Wicomico County celebrated 100 years, in 1967, there was a beard growing contest. Now, the contest has returned as the County honors this sesquicentennial milestone.

Judging will take place Friday, Sept. 15, in conjunction with 3rd Friday in downtown Salisbury. For a participant to qualify for prizes, the registration form must be received by Friday, Sept. 1.

Register online or download a registration form at The contest rules and a schedule of other 150 Year Celebration events can also be found at that link.


Anonymous said...

Lol! Worst beard!

Anonymous said...

Thrilling indeed

Annie Nonmus said...

neat to bring a tradition of 150 years old into the present to celebrate the birthday

Anonymous said...

ah yes rome burns while nero fiddles! idiots!

Anonymous said...

7:45 Jewd get up on the bad side of your corn flakes this morning? Everybody needs a little fun in their life. Maybe a change attitude could help you find some.

Anonymous said...

This isn't new. It was done here back in the 80's. There were a series of events and this was one of them.