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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

The Campus Mob Came for Me - and You, Professor, Could Be Next

Persecuted professor reveals backstory to Evergreen State College mayhem

I was not expecting to hold my biology class in a public park last week.

But then the chief of our college police department told me she could not protect me on campus. Protestors were searching cars for an unspecified individual—likely me—and her officers had been told to stand down, against her judgment, by the college president.

Racially charged, anarchic protests have engulfed Evergreen State College, a small, public liberal-arts institution where I have taught since 2003. In a widely disseminated video of the first recent protest on May 23, an angry mob of about 50 students disrupted my class, called me a racist, and demanded that I resign. My “racist” offense? I had challenged coercive segregation by race. Specifically, I had objected to a planned “Day of Absence” in which white people were asked to leave campus on April 12.

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Anonymous said...

Liberal professors are reaping what they sowed.

Anonymous said...


That's moronic. He's a Biology professor, and I doubt he was teaching students anything besides Biology. How about supporting him for taking the right stance, instead of dismissing him for being "liberal".

Anonymous said...

The federal government shouldn't fund schools that are biased.