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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Salisbury MSP: Motor Vehicle Collision 6-6-17 Rt. 50 / Mardela

**Amended Press Release to Accident**

**Scroll down on document to see page 2**


Anonymous said...

I would like to make a comment about the young driver. This young man is 16 years old. He did an INCREDIBLE job of driving in this instance and, because of his actions, there were no SEVERE or LIFE THREATENING injuries. The Ford truck pulled onto US RT 50 directly into his path. He could not avoid the collision. However, by taking as much evasive action as possible, he prevented catastrophic injuries to many people. Remember, this is a 16 year old young man. A new driver. This event could have serious effects on him and his confidence in driving going forward. I just want him to know that a lot of people recognize that he wasn't at fault, that he did an outstanding job under difficult circumstances and that he likely saved several lives including his own. He should be proud of the way he handled the situation. I don't know him personally however, I want him to know that I am proud of him and recognize his split second decisions saved the lives of others.

Anonymous said...

It's my understanding that the police report is not correct. Gavin was not driving the truck, a Buddy Hornsby I was told was driving it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. The 16 year old driver is my son. Your post has touched us all.