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Monday, June 19, 2017

Study: AC/DC’s ‘Highway To Hell’ More Theologically Accurate Than 96% Of Modern Worship Songs

U.S.—A recent survey performed by CCLI confirmed that AC/DC’s hard rock classic “Highway to Hell” is more theologically accurate than 96% of the songs that most worship bands play on any given Sunday.

The study examined over 800 songs and compared their theology to the Scriptures, and found that the Australian rock group’s 1979 classic was “significantly more accurate” than over 96% of them.

“While modern worship songs tend to contain little theology, an anemic view of sin, and a poor understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit, ‘Highway to Hell’ has a very biblical view of the doctrine of hell,” a CCLI rep said. “Lead singer Bon Scott had a clear understanding of man’s natural inclination toward sin and the inevitable judgment of God that follows.”



Anonymous said...

The website Babylon Bee is satire.

Anonymous said...

BabylonBee is a satirical site. It is a Christian version of the onion

Anonymous said...

does that make it bad? much of the 'modern' music is way off base...

Charles Bradford said...

I wonder if you could ask Bon Scott how's that party working out for you? What would he say? If I'm not mistaken there was a rich man begging for a diseased beggar to come and touch the tip of his tongue with a drop of water in the Bible I read. So I don't believe you can say the song is biblically accurate. Probably lots of screaming but doubt it's a party.