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Monday, June 19, 2017

Video: Possible Tornado Touched Down In Delaware


Anonymous said...

I knew that someone would lay claim to a tornado.Now we need to see the same rednecks being interviewed over and over again talking about how bad it was.

Anonymous said...

Once the ionosphere is pushed out into space, and the atmosphere below it rushes in to fill the void, the jet stream is moved from one path to a new path. In this way, the jet stream can be controlled. Hence, weather modification.

Ionosphere heaters are now spread throughout the world and are being operated by at least 5 different militaries, the US being only one of the 5 of course. While the US, China, and (then) Soviet Union agreed formally in 1976 to not use weather modification as a weapon of war "against each other", there was never any prohibition against using it in each Country's own geography.

NOAA is well aware of the use of ionosphere heaters world wide, but the individual employees are forbidden from speaking about it publicly. They even invented a word for one of the strange phenomena which happens as a result of its use: Derecho. They pretend like it is a natural event. A massive WIND STORM which has no precipitation. It had to be explained somehow, and the public accepted the name as evidence that it was some kind of natural occurrence.

My guess is the wind which accompanied yesterday's storm system is a result of ionosphere warming, done by the US military. I believe the intentions of launching the satellite from Wallops (colored clouds) is to study the ionosphere warming technology as well.

It is a fascinating topic and so far, has been kept secret from the public.
Weather Modification is real of course, and the technology is becoming very advanced.
It began in earnest with the installation of the first ionosphere heater in Alaska during the Reagan Administration. It was then referred to as Land Based Star Wars Program.

Anonymous said...

I rode by it immediately after it happened and there were uprooted trees, the fence was mangled and broken and pieces were thrown across Route 13. Other taller trees were cut right in half. No doubt that was a small tornado touchdown. It looked exactly like the trees looked when that tornado tore through Cambridge years ago.