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Monday, June 19, 2017

Americans Learning to Live with Treason

Pop the champagne corks, set off the fireworks, former FBI Director, James Comey nixed the "Russian collusion." In his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey cleared President Trump of all charges – no collusion, no conspiracy, no investigation, no there there.

Yay! It's over. The Russian conspiracy nonsense is finally debunked. Whew!

Does anyone else see the insanity here – that we celebrate when the president is cleared of phony charges, that we breathe a sigh of relief when the fired FBI director fails to establish an obstruction of justice charge?

Does anyone wonder why we anxiously watch each inane congressional hearing to see if the left gets the goods to pull off its coup, why we wake up each morning terrified that the insurgents have hit their mark, found something, anything they can use to depose a duly elected president?

We are watching, in real-time, a palace revolution, an overt effort to remove the president of the United States. Just as James Comey proudly admitted he leaked privileged communication to the press, so these insurgents brazenly brag that they want to harm the president, to impeach him, to overthrow our government. The American people seem shockingly oblivious to the looming danger.



Anonymous said...

Maxine, Nancy and the rest of the rabid lot will continue to harp on this as though it wasn't debunked. They will express disbelief and doubt, and put those thoughts into the least thinking class's minds to make them relevant and continuing issues.

Anonymous said...

The question is when will they have shoved their feet so far down their own throats that they are obligated to be driven into jail via wheelchair. The only obstruction of justice is coming from the liberals with fake investigations and when a real investigation is taking place it is swept under the rug. The sooner we can get all of the wasteful and wanting out from DC the better.

Anonymous said...

Comey didn't "clear" anybody, he did confirm the President was not the target of an investigation at the time he was asked. Two things, it's an ongoing investigation and Comey has been fired for nearly two months.

Anonymous said...

Wanna talk about treason? How about the leak of almost 200 million US citizens personal data including birth dates, home addresses, phone number and political views. That's over 60% of our population. Who leaked it? I'm glad you asked. A marketing firm hired by the Republican National Committee.

Anonymous said...

In all my years, I've never seen our country so divided and polarized by the media. They have started a war by exciting the masses in the same way you would cry 'fire' in a crowded theater. Its all based on a false narrative that has been repeated so many times, people don't know what the truth is. Much of the hysteria and blame game is being energized by the need for better ratings.
Sadly, the media has long been on the side of liberalism. Never in history have they made it so apparent.
I keep reminding my liberal friends that they need to double think what they see and hear on TV and the papers as they are one big propaganda machine, generating liberal Kool-Aid like they never have before.
Anyone who can't see through it and what they are trying to accomplish, obviously are drunk on the Kool-Aid already.
We have treason being committed on a daily basis and the MSM is actually bragging about it as being patriotic. We live in a different dimension these days.

Concerned Retiree said...

The question of treason will never stop until the Supreme Court has to rule on the difference of free speech and speech inciting anarchy and violence against people. People are charged every day in our courts for threats and co-conspiracy.