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Monday, June 19, 2017

8:50 a.m., Salisbury

86.1 °F
Feels Like 97 °F


Anonymous said...

It sure does feel like 97. It'll feel over 100 by the end of the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Just be glad you don't live in the Southwest. The temps in Phoenix AZ this week will exceed 120! Dry heat or not, that is really hot!

Anonymous said...

June bugs being their THANKFUL exit west, hello to our Fire Fighters here in OC!! Things..entertainment factor should increase this week given MOST of the Fire Fighters are legal. Let the stupidity begin!

4 days until TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So thankful I retired before the communist party came in and covered the temperature controls in the office where I worked. The men tell me it is so hot in there that they can't even enjoy morning coffee. YUCK!