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Monday, June 19, 2017

El Salvador becomes first country to ban metals mining

El Salvador has banned all metals mining, saying it poses "a threat to the development and well-being of families." It becomes the first country to implement a blanket metals mining ban.

El Salvador's Congress on Wednesday approved a law banning all metals mining in order to protect the environment.

Some countries have banned strip mining and open-pit techniques, but the bill passed in El Salvador prohibits all underground, aboveground or artisanal mining for metals.

Supporters of the bill say the ban is necessary to protect water resources and reduce social tensions.

"Mining is not an appropriate way to reduce poverty and inequality in this country," said Ivan Morales, country director for the charity Oxfam in El Salvador.

"It would only exacerbate the social conflict and level of water contamination we already have."



Anonymous said...

so nothing is made out of metal there?

Anonymous said...

12:54 yeah genius, they have absolutely no metal. They don't even import it.

Anonymous said...

Obama must be president there now, or some other air head.

Anonymous said...

If the Flintstones can make a car out of sticks, rocks and vines, well, we can, too!

Anonymous said...

2:52 yeah some air head who prioritizes clean drinking water for his citizens over mining exports. What a bafoon

Anonymous said...

Thank you
Poignant and hilarious at the same time!