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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Scientists Want You To Do Everyone A Favor And Eat These Crabs

There’s a certain type of crab that’s eating up more desirable seafood off the New England coast. The crab’s population could be thinned if commercial fishing operations harvested the darn things, but there’s no money in it. The solution? Figure out a way to make people want these crabs on their dinner plates. 


Anonymous said...

A whole article to try to make a "certain crab" popular and no mention of its name.

But the last sentence says it's green.


Anonymous said...

First sentence of the second paragraph says it's a green crab

Anonymous said...

they are great for tog bait

Anonymous said...

I will NOT.

I will only eat Maryland Blue Crabs when the media tells me they are plentiful AND only on holidays. See, the same exact crabs are much cheaper during non-holidays (yucky), but I want to pay the most on Memorial, 4th of July and Labor day - because I'm told so by the media.

Likewise, in the offseason I will buy the canned Maryland (STYLE) Blue Crab meat from foreign countries - again because I'm told to do so by the media.


Anonymous said...

Crabs and Lobsters are the Cockroaches of the ocean!

Anonymous said...

Can't be worse than that Indonesia canned crabmeat.

Anonymous said...

In Thailand, sand crabs are very popular there, deep fried as a snack. They are the same sand crabs you find by the ocean if you dig in the sand for this.