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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Worcester County Tackles Illegal Dumping At Recycling Centers

And guess what, it's working!

Ever since these new signs went up there has yet to be one single piece of household or construction debris at this location. They are now recording who's dumping what at these locations to combat the illegal dumping. I hear Wicomico County will be doing the same in the very near future.


Anonymous said...

Easy solution, and cheap, too!

Anonymous said...

So glad that Wicomico is finally doing something about all the trash leading up to transfer stations. If the transfer station is closed or unavailable for some reason...people just dump their garbage along the roadside.

Anonymous said...

The County believes closing recycle areas is the solution. They are wrong. They need to start looking at the road shoulders as the plastic and cans have increased, especially in my area. But they don't care it is in the country and not around their homes. They don't have to drive 20 miles round trip to recycle they do it at work when a lot of county residents cannot.