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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Comey “Friend”, Benjamin Wittes, Outs Himself As Source for New York Times “Comey Memo” Storyline…

Long time CTH readers will note we extended well over a year of benefit-of-the-doubt to the motives of former FBI Director James Comey with regard to the severity of his politicized nature and disposition. Throughout the entire Clinton investigation we remained ambivalent to Comey’s motives.

Indeed it wasn’t until after the Pulse nightclub terrorist attack when Comey obtusely noted the FBI had been contacted (prior to the attack) about the sketchy behavior of Omar Mateen by a ‘random concerned citizen’ -and our finding that the actual ‘citizen’ was the far more substantive St Lucie county sheriff Ken Mascara– that we recognized how far Comey was willing to go to save his political face.



Anonymous said...

I listened to the interview with Benjamin Wittes and my impression is that he and Mr. Comey are a bit more than "friends", if you catch my drift.

Anonymous said...

If there is a memo than Comey is in-trouble because he didn't divulge this information during his investigation interviews. The memo was also "If it exists" was written by Comey sooooo it's pretty much worthless.

Anonymous said...

What this nitwit Wittes said wasn't even true, it was ridiculous. Claimed Comey hid across the to be away from Trump, everyone was across the room basically in a line. Claimed he tried to blend in with the curtains with his suit, they weren't no where near the same color. Claimed Trump pulled him in for a hug, not even close did I see that. Wittes and Comey don't like Trump just say so don't lie and make up BS stories. All it has done is make you look like the ass you are.