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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Ocean City Signs On For $25K OC BikeFest Sponsorship To Promote Fall Events

OCEAN CITY — A divided Ocean City Council this week approved a request for the resort to be an official sponsor of OC BikeFest with all of the advertising and marketing benefits it would provide to the tune of $25,000.

During last week’s Tourism Committee meeting, Tourism Director Donna Abbott presented a request for a sponsorship opportunity for the town for OC BikeFest at $25,000. Abbott recommended the sponsorship as a means to promote the town’s other fall special events during OC BikeFest, which is clearly the most attended of shoulder season events each fall.

Abbott explained the $25,000 sponsorship would put Ocean City’s tourism banner on all OC BikeFest websites and social media platforms with links to the town’s other special events and goings-on around the resort. In addition, the Ocean City banner would be displayed on all OC BikeFest signage at events in addition to a two-page color advertising spread in the OC BikeFest guide. The Tourism Committee voted to send a favorable recommendation to the Mayor and Council and Abbott pitched the idea to the town’s elected officials on Monday.



Anonymous said...

Cant they find events that do not bring so much noise and confusion in the beach town?? We like to camp and these events make camping impossible because people are in and out of the campground at all late hours waking children up on their loud motorcycles and hacked out cars.

Anonymous said...

So find a different place to camp. I think there are 4 weekends. 2 for bikers 2 for the hot rods. There are tons of other places you can camp. These events make the town too much money for them to cancel them.